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He seems nice! 😒 I’ve been lucky, tho I had tosee a different Dr when insurance changed & this guy…well is an ass! Upon asking me to what degree does my ADD affect my daily life on a scale of 1-10 I stated it’s 9-10! To which he replied, “No, because if that were the case you would have been digging around in your purse, walking around my office & touching things, you wouldn’t be able to stay seated. I refrained from saying what I really wanted to say & frankly what this ignorant Dr needed to hear. I did say “NO, see because I am a grown woman not a small child therefore I am capable of remaining seated. And you obviously missed my constant leg swinging & foot tapping. Also if you listened to me I reported that I have ADD nit ADHD. Both of which manifest differently in women & men, women aren’t as disruptive or loud & running about. This guy as well as your Dr have no business treating people w/psychological issues! My suggestion is to find a Dr who either specializes in ADD/ADHD. Or at least it’s in his/her area of study, often seen when looking up Drs info along w/patient input regarding Dr. Pls disregard everything that “Dr” said, ADD can be an asset! We can hyperfocus for hours on things that interest us. We also tend to be “on the ball” in emergencies. Ex. paramedic when others often panic & freeze we tend to “SHINE” Do lots of research, it’s very helpful in putting Drs in their place when you know “whats up!” ALL THE BEST❤️