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I agree. I learned that some of my cousins were getting the medication to make it through college, and not for the right reasons. Its very upsetting!
I like you bearly made it through school, I attempted college in 1995 and are still struggling to get my associates but just need one class, and I just can not pass it. Life is and was always hard, finding work is very difficult, I get scared when driving, it’s very hard to stay focus. Unfortunately my son has ADD/Adhd and he’s worse than I am, I found out my brother has it, but he is very good at his job, hunting, cooking, fixing cars, but that’s it. My father as well had it and lived a sad life, but he passed. Recently found out I have other family members that are on the medication and it helps. I am on medication now and I can actually stay focused enough to clean my house, cook and help my son stay focused throughout the day.
My problem is prossesing and focusing. My son has problems with focus and executive skills and he has tons of energy. We have a small trampolín in the livingroom so he han jump while watching TV. He jumps while I quiz him on spelling, math or when listening to an audio. Im still trying to figure out ways to help myself a d son.