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My son has shown symptoms of ADHD since kindergarten (now in 10th grade) and my husband and I did not have him tested until the summer after 9th grade. We waited SO long (too long) because our son really tries his best and manages to get “ok” grades because of his participation in school and good attitude, and there was always the lingering thought that he just needs to mature or try harder/study more. This all came to a head in high school when it became very apparent that he did not have the ability to organize his workload, prioritize or focus on the subject when trying to study on his own.

It breaks my heart to see what he is going through now. He feels like a failure compared to his friends and has all but given up on getting into college. Not to mention all the fights and stress this causes at home.

We walk a fine line when we start turning people away from the help they may need on the off-chance that they don’t have ADHD. Instead of getting mad for those who may be diagnosed and shouldn’t, we should be trying to support those who aren’t diagnosed but should be. Maybe if there is more acceptance and understanding of the struggles faced everyday by those with ADHD, we can help others avoid what you and my son are now having to live through.