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i totally understand your frustration.

i didn’t get my diagnosis until eye was 40. (i’m 46 now and still struggling.) i was fortunate in that i got thru school & under the radar because i was “smart.” i tested well and in many ways able to compensate for shortcomings that I had no idea were related to adhd. it all fell apart once i got married and started a family. under these new stresses, all of a sudden, all my compensation techniques started to fail.

my adhd continues to kick my ass. i’m not on any meds, but as i continue to learn as much as i can about how my adhd works, i’ve learned the hard way not to compare. that adhd diagnoses are much like snow-flakes. no two are alike. there are so many factors. ie. when you were diagnosed. what kinds of support systems you have in place. how you’re dealt with the cumulative trauma along the way. whether or not you have another co-morbid condition to go with…(i can go on ad nauseum)

eye could also whip out a parade of celebrities with adhd who are thriving. however that wouldn’t be productive (we really don’t know what they’re working with). just know that it gets better. you may not be where you want to be right now. or getting the results you’d like to have. but that doesn’t mean it will always be the case.

yesterday wasn’t perfect and today will probably not be either. the hardest lesson I’m having to learn right now is to be kind to myself. i would encourage you to do the same for yourself as well. everyday is another chance.