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It sounds like the possibility is real and this is also important to you. It’s important not just for knowing, but also because it could effect your treatment. This is probably a great opportunity to bring it up. Just like KNitty said, you can start by bringing in what you’ve written here. Maybe break it down into bullet points. And begin the conversation with, “We’ve been working together for a while, and I wondered if you’d be willing to help me work through something I’ve been thinking about. I’ve been struggling so much lately and I’m wondering if there’s more to the anxiety. I’m curious if you’d be willing to talk with me about the possibility of ADHD.”

You can also be more direct and assertive. “I think I might have ADHD. I wrote down some things that I wanted to share to see what you think.”

However you decide to approach it, it does sound like it’s time. If your doctor laughs it off or dismisses it, have them justify it. “Why don’t you think I have it? What evidence do you have? What about the things I shared?”

You can also ask about their experience with ADHD, as kNitty suggests. You can ask if they’ve seen similar situations or if they have much experience with treating adult ADHD. If they don’t, then maybe it’s something they’re willing to learn about with you.

The other thing would be to decide what you want out of treatment. Do you want a diagnosis? Do you want medication? Do you want answers? For example, if you want medication, you can approach that from a different way. You can start by asking to try some of the non-stimulants if you want, or you can be more direct. If you want the diagnosis, then that’s a good thing to ask. “What do you think it would take to figure out if I have ADHD or not?”

Are you working with a therapist too? They can be a point of insight and input to your doctor as well.

Whatever the case, it seems like now is the time. If things don’t go well, there are always options. But wondering and worrying definitely won’t serve you.