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I so get you! I’ve been for years at this point I hate telling him things because I know he’ll get pissed of he’s never violent toward me or the kids it just his mood is like this miasma that just sits in the air affecting me and when ever he’s in a mood as hard as I try I’m affected by too. He is a narcissist, everything is always about him and never his fault. He does believe in ADHD he understand that not only do I have but our son and possible our daughter too but he does not understand what having it means especially since our son was also just recently diagnosed with autism. He doesn’t get his way of discipline does not work, or why or son is so sensitive why we have repeat ourselves constantly. It’s aggravating and so much more is wrong with or relationship but it’s gotten to the point we are divorcing. I know my ranting doesn’t really help but you as NOT alone in this. Self care and meditation really do help you from completely losing yourself.