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I know alot of people that Straterra didn’t do much. That’s just my opinion on it, if it helps others–great. For people with any anxiety or depression, usually a combo of medicines can help you achieve balance. Adderall plus Wellbutrin or other combos I have taken in the past. I also used to take 20mg Adderall XR in high school & now at 34, can only handle 10mg XR, with 5mg tablet in the afternoon. Dosing is something you should always look at. It doesn’t matter if it’s the right medicine if you’re taking too much or too little & Dr.’s always put adults on a starting dose of Adderall at 20mg–which I think it too high. I think starting low & titrating–to find the perfect dose for you at your time of life.

I used to think alcohol helped, but the havoc it reaks on your sleep & body…..for the beginning affects, I’ve found aren’t worth it. Long-term, it’s not sustainable. It is a CNS depressant, whereas stimulants are a CNS stimulant. My SPECT scan showed over-activity everywhere in my brain (way more than normal), except temporal & prefrontal cortex. I am helped by a stimulant, because it seems to get the blood flow where it needs & the rest stops overcompensating. I’m lucky this is the case. Google Dr. Amen and looks at the scans & read about his research. Most people are complicated cases & may need a calming type medicine (SSRI/anti-depressant) before ever introducing a stimulant.

Watch you caffeine too….you didn’t mention it, but if you’re a monster, redbull, coffee…..those will stress you out.

Thyroid specialist are something to look at too, as the endocrine system is responsible for pretty much everything in your body. I started having panic attacks at 28 when my thyroid started acting up & every Dr. said I was in the normal range. It wasn’t until I went to an expert that knew what range it really should be in & took my symptoms into account.
I take 20mcg Cytomel, 4% Testosterone & 15mg of Adderall & I feel like everything’s in balance.

I wish you luck as your sort everything out!