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OK, I’ve got some tools that help me….

You said Uni, so I assume you’re either from Australia or England..could be wrong, but hopefully you can find these products there

1. Time Timer–On Amazon (Visually uses a red disk, to display time left/elapsed)
Time Timer Original 8 inch; 60 Minute Visual Timer – Classroom Or Meeting Countdown Clock for Kids and Adults.

a. —Tea, when I make food/tea & walk away, I set my microwave timer/kitchen timer, or I’ll COMPLETELY forget about it.

2. Asana- Time Management App (also lets you add people & msg them/spouse/friends/school project teammates)
3. Chargers kept on a power strip….then you won’t have to remember to turn off
4. Invest in an auto-shut off coffee maker

Don’t be too hard on yourself, you sound like you’re doing alot. I work full-time now & haven’t in 8 years & mostly—I’m damn tired. I need to get more sleep so my meds work better. But, you will find tips/tricks to ease all your to-do tasks & STREAMLINE stuff.