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Misty Quoll

My feeling is that people think of ADHD on kids won struggle at school. They rarely reconcile w the idea that in high functioning, high acheiving period w ADHD it can be a [time consuming] “super power”.

I see this kind of sh*t at work.

I have 4 degrees, including Honours and a masters. I tend to hyperfocus and LOVE stats. Can’t count or do arithmetic but w a computer and a hufe data set, I am a god of PCA, cluster analyse and the ANOVA etc. 🙂 i love finding ‘hidden’ patterns and correlations in large data sets. The hardest part is stopping and going home… or doing other birds of my job.

I am continually frustrated by people using my ADHD to treat me like an idiot or a toddler.

Most recently, I was ‘banned’ me from using my laptop to take minutes etc at meetings. I was told, in front of everyone at meeting, that using a laptop is ‘rude’ and as someone w ADHD it distracts me. She hates me typing down everything (fast!) and hates seeing me google relevant pics to drop into my minutes while points I already know are discussed explained (repetively). She makes no attempt to understand that This HELPS me focus on meeting rather than getting lost in something completely different in my own head. Just because I sit quietly Didn’t mean i can pay any more attention … where as If I have an almost verbatim transcript typed up with pictures, it is always easy to read my own notes later. Having ADHD symptoms/diagnosis seems to justify tagging ne like a child instead of a productive and valued member of staff.

Meanwhile, another colleague always pointedly scans and sends me an email of things everyone else gets given on paper… [something which is awesome]… but always loudly discussing my SPECIAL NEEDS and risk of lost paperwork when I am tired. She is condescending and paternalistic about it.