Reply To: Shopping ADHD evaluations


Another example of shell game. A listing in Psychology Today that seemed to indicate a provider in my region. I left an e-mail and was called on a shakey cell phone connection by a woman with a heavy accent. I don’t normally mind an accent but the cell connection was too much. Hopefully we can continue the conversation via e-mail but I’m a little leery that this provider does not in fact have an office in my area. They said that they don’t have any office openings and were pushing on-line sessions…I couldn’t hear the initial price because of the shakey cell connection but follow-ups are $200 an hour. I just can’t wrap my brain around that price for never meeting someone in person.

I am also angry that this came up in a search when there’s a good possibility there isn’t an office in my town. (The actual office is 100 miles south) If that’s true I’m mad at Psychology Today.

Maybe I’m wrong, but this feels hinky, lets see if they e-mail me.