Reply To: Shopping ADHD evaluations


Nice idea, and $150 is cheap, the cheapest I’ve seen is ~$200 for two sessions but they can’t tell me how many sessions my daughter will need.(aggravating because this practice has counseled her in the past, I guess therapist records aren’t like other medical records.They are also insisting on a new soup to nuts intake.) She’s 19 by the way.

Also this site doesn’t see NYS above Albany, or Burlington Vt. or even Montreal Canada. I’ve found some places but have been suffering this shell game and I’ve also been begging this site to expend their directory outside of urban areas and into Canada!

We will get it figured out…but it’s still infuriating! I’m ADHD myself and even medicated, this is administrative torture! The steps are not hard, but the lack of definitive answers is.