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And then there’s those who aren’t diagnosed as a child because they don’t show the poster symptoms only to later in life be diagnosed with anxiety and depression while really it might be ADHD.

ADHD is both overdiagnosed and underdiagnosed at the same time. I get the frustration, I too hate when people fake diagnoses for whatever reasons (attention, medication, accomodations). But at the same time, a lot of people are missed to get proper diagnoses just because of all that stigma and them not wanting to be “one of those fakers”. So they continue to suffer in silence and posts like these, while coming from a true and legit place of frustration, are very damaging.

It’s also a spectrum. Something that should never be forgotten. No two persons have the same set of symptoms, difficulties etc. So not only not fair but actually impossible to compare one’s own symptoms with those of another person and conclude the other person can’t possibly have ADHD because they’re not showing the same symptoms and struggles as one self.