Reply To: Social life of family



Yes, yes, yes it does. If it isn’t people just not getting it, it is the extreme exhaustion from the emotional ups and downs, lots of downs, taking its toll on the entire family. We have a teenage daughter with ADHD, ODC and Anxiety. We have been playing with meds to help regulate her extreme emotions and depression. Any time I try to relate to a fellow Mom, I get “Oh, she is just being a teen”. I have one awesome cousin who listens to me, lets me vent and offers heartfelt reassurance, she has been a lifesaver. ADHD is all consuming, try to make time to NOT think about it. I am slowly discovering that I must take care of myself, find time, find support, exercise, meditate, go for a walk. You can’t take care of your kid if you are not taking care of yourself.

Hang in there and good luck