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I can relate to much of your post – did not have typical symptoms as a kid and even as an adult – i would have never thought about it until – my daughter was diagnosed and sending endless hours reading about ADHD and listening to webinars. In fact the added “burden” of trying how to manage my daughter’s ADHD really through me into feeling overwhelmed like never before. All the reading i was doing – i often had epiphanies as you did – realizing – oh my, this is me, and when I think back to my childhood- I see it now even though i did not have the typical inattention – I did well in school and was not a problem child, but i was exhausting to be around and was a bit awkward socially – but managed to make a small circle of friends who accepted me for who i am and are still very much in my life – thought I know being my friend hasn’t always been easy- and I understand that more now than ever.

I have many of the same symptions
Talking ALOT and quickly – bouncing from one topic to the another non-stop
Also blurting out (inappropriate) comments. I always say I talk my mind. Which has caused a lot of embarrassment and emotional pain over the years.
Used to be on time, but last couple of years with added stress of kids – i am always late..and being late stressing my out but always underestimate the time it will take the get our the door.
Constantly losing/misplacing things.
Getting easily distracted from one thing to another
Workaholism – and feeling guilty when I can’t work as much as i think i need to
Procrastination for things that are not super interesting to me
A ton of unfinished projects and books
Rejection sensitivity!!!!

I actually am curious to hear others opinion on the benefits of getting diagnosed – I am having trouble making sense of it for myself – i sort of feel – it doesn’t change how i feel and not sure i would do meds – there is no “cure” so it is just something i have to deal with.