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Hi Macushla. I’ve Was always very comfortable and confident with phones. More recently that changed and I would do almost anything to avoid them – even with calls I truly wanted to make, to friends & family. Any official or business calls induced extreme anxiety & avoidance.
However….since I’ve been taking dex my anxiety around phone calls has eased and I’d say I’m halfway back to my ‘old’ phone self.

Re the discussion on screen time and ADHD numbers, I don’t know enough to form a strong opinion. I really liked your question about what people with ADHD did before the internet. Television definitely. Maybe things like obsessive stamp collecting.
For myself, it’s easy: reading. I was a compulsive reader from the day I could patch a few letters together. At home, in school (my books hidden inside textbook covers), in the car, on the bus, in bed, at meals…..
I would get as lost in books as I now can with electronic devices – to the detriment of schoolwork, home life, friendships. To the extent that my Year 7 teacher told me I was ‘not normal’. I couldn’t fall asleep unless I read until I dropped the book. Pretty similar now with iPad.
I’d love to know how others managed.

Cheers, Penny