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Hi again, all. Reporting in from AWOL.

Just wondering; how many of you share my fear of making phone calls? I HATE making calls! Conversely, I feel unreasonably capable and righteous when I do make them. I made a couple yesterday which went very well, and admittedly I fobbed off couple of others by choosing email – which I do like as it gives me a record of what was said – and I let a call go to voicemail so that I didn’t have to deal.

The other thing; so many of the articles on this site, and commentary in the forums, remark upon how much time ADD/ADHDers spend floating online. Which I am also guilty of. This raises several questions for me. Does online access make the condition worse? So are more people exhibiting more symptoms than in the pre-internet days because screen time exacerbates, or possibly triggers, symptoms? Very hard to quantify that, I realise, as diagnoses have been increasing, partly due to more recognition of the condition. But also – what did people with ADD/ADHD do with their time before the internet?