Reply To: Hobbies


Hello, I completely get it! I would check out the book FINISH by Jon Acuff. It has helped me look at my projects differently (i am kind of an all in or nothing type of guy from time to time). I work better when i have a frame work to work in; it helps me to refocus when I stray with the details or feel the need to be perfect when i don’t need to be…the framework just helps me with forward momentum in general no matter how big or how small the project…or whether its something with a hard stop (like cleaning the garage) or just an ongoing thing (like learning to play the guitar). Hope that helps…Sometimes you just want/need it done…sometimes you want it done and want to enjoy the journey too…it doesn’t need to be (and won’t be) perfect…sometimes just done is good enough! Good luck! (sorry for the annoying grammer:)