Reply To: Hobbies


I’ve been struggling with this since I was a teenager. A co-worker once told me that engineer’s dont get hobbies, we get month long obsessions. I feel that applies double if you have ADHD. For a long time I felt like I was never finishing hobbies and abandoning project for new ones, but now I realize that my hobby obsessions are a circle. I’ve made peace with not finishing project by putting them away (rubbermaid containers are your friend) and just getting back to it when I feel like it. Right now my hobby circle consists of photography, model making, playing guitar, and building electronics. Sometimes I don’t mess with certain projects for months, but it helps me to be able to press pause when I need to, and more importantly, being able to un-pause a project without starting over.
At some point I just had to accept that I had a dedicated corner of the house for paused projects and for me, it felt better than feeling like I wasn’t getting anything done by abandoning hobbies.