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Hello herkimer. (Loved your eloquent post btw)

Just on your son.. did you get to read about Executive Function Disorder? There are a few excellent resources for parents on this site to help guide you and him. I believe getting on top of this now and developing his cognition is critical. I would suggest (and peeps.. pls share your view) that left to late like many of us here, we become more challenged and more frustrated when trying to change our behaviour (mind/body) to ‘get sh#t done’

Finding his unique way of arranging priorities and task management under a constant veil of distraction (or BST ‘bright shiny things’)

As with all ‘recommended advice’ sifting thru and finding what’s right for you .. is key.

Hope this helps
(my inner child goes a little sad when I read about young boys struggling…. takes me back)

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