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Change and transition can be hard for all people, but especially so if you have ADHD or are on the autism spectrum. We depend so much on stability to help us organize our minds and our lives. When things get disrupted or new stressors get added, it can throw us into chaos. It’s important to know this about ourselves so we can plan ahead for this. With these upcoming changes, are you planning to get additional support? Do you have a therapist? If not, it might be a good opportunity to get one. How have you negotiated changes in the past? What tools or strategies do you use to take care of yourself? Being kind to yourself and taking time to recharge will be especially important as you face these upcoming challenges.

What you experience is normal. What you experience can be survived. And what you will experience is temporary. Life typically settles down again. I think you’ve gotten enough experience in the past to know that. Just surround yourself with as much support as you can when you know these hard changes are coming up. I’m sure you can be successful.