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It’s always a possibility. People with ADHD can function at very high levels, so much so that the diagnosis remains hidden for decades. We all find ways to cope with our struggles and be resilient in the face of them. That doesn’t mean the disorder doesn’t impact us or doesn’t exist at all.

If you’re wondering, definitely go talk to someone. Maybe take one of the screening assessments beforehand, or look up the criteria and make notes on which ones you think apply to you. Then ask, “In what ways are these symptoms impairing my life day to day?” What would you like to do to change them?

Regardless of whether or not you get a diagnosis, the skills and tools you learn along the way and for dealing with ADHD specifically can be helpful. I’d also suggest the HowToADHD Youtube channel for a plethora of useful resources.

In the end, decide if your symptoms are getting in the way of your life. If so, it’s time to address them.