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Mayz hu,
There is no reason for you to feel any guilt over your daughter’s condition. If you hadn’t taken the progesterone, she might not be here. You made the best decision you could with the information available at the time. It sounds possible that there is a genetic component too.
ADD can be difficult, but your daughter can rise to the challenge. Plus, outside of school, an ADD brain can be a gift. My daughter and I both have it. The ability to see problems and solutions in ways most others don’t see (along with a good work ethic my parents taught me) has always served me well at work, leading to fast promotions in almost every job I’ve ever had, even though I wasn’t diagnosed until recently.
It’s clear that you care, because you are spending time learning on this site. Mom to mom, get your daughter the help she needs and give yourself a break. You did the best you could to bring her into this world, and you are doing the best for her now. 🙂