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They are definitely not addictive, otherwise people would not forget to take them ;-).
I think it depends how severe your ADHD is. Everyone is different. Every ADHD is different.

I dropped them because my whole life changed. I had gone through a divorce, new partner, left my home country to come and live in Australia. And then I found out it is so much more difficult here to get meds, it is bl$&$%$y expensive and my brand wasn’t available here. So I just dropped them and since we were house hunting at that time – I think that kept me busy and I didn’t have the time to think about it.

Do I miss the person I was under meds? Definitely. I simply felt normal, could concentrate and got shit done.
That’s why I am seriously thinking of getting treatment again. I am just very nervous whether I would have to go through the whole diagnosis process again and I don’t really want to try a different medication since the one I had was working so well.
I would say… you can get addicted to feeling normal, if you know what I mean? Not to feel like an alien anymore.