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Love your post Penny!

I can strongly relate to you embracing your silly, ditzy self. There is so much freedom in it! I was formally diagnosed a few years ago aged 45. However, it’s only over the past four months or so that I have finally stopped trying so hard to be/pass for “normal” and it’s been amazing. I laugh so much more now! I have quit trying to fit in with everyone and don’t take myself and particularly my mistakes, so seriously anymore.

You referred to it as ‘life’, for me it was a case not realising that over so many years of trying to please/fit in/ not offend people (not to mention compensate for my mistakes) I lost my true identity. When I turn my filter off now I honestly shock myself!

I would love to hear from others ladies out there struggling to keep sane with the demands of work, erratic hormones and general life pressures in a NT world.

Shalee – Tasmania