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Hello. I can relate to being a mom, working full time and recently having to take classes for work. I have thought about getting my master’s as well but lack the confidence and worried about affording it too. Some things that helped me study and stay focused is writing things down while I am studying and in class. I have difficulty recalling the information so writing it down helps me stay focused and I can look at later. Studying for tests I try to do in short repetitive increments. Too long and I get bored. If a little bit each day if possible is more manageable plus the repetition helps me retain it for a test. Basically trying to get the information in my brain long enough to pass a test. I also highlight key words that can trigger me to remember the rest of the information and again repeat, repeat and repeat. Unfortunately, I have never been able to retain most information long term but it helps me pass classes and tests. It was much easier when I was not working and have kids. I could spend most of my energy on school and was determined to prove that I was not stupid. That worked when I was younger but not so much motivated by this now with all the other demands.