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Hi herkimer,

It’s funny because for me it’s quite the opposite. I need to read things or see them or do them.
Listening to stuff just makes me feel tired. It’s like listening to a good-night-story.
When I read stories to my kids, I was the one falling asleep after 5 Minutes. LOL

It’s so frustrating that people don’t get ADHD. Well, if you have a broken leg you can see it and how it impacts people. ADHD is not so obvious.
I told my partner from the very beginning that I have ADHD and sent him links so he could inform himself. (Turns out he never did!) I always say, “I came with a manual”.

He doesn’t get it. For him it’s just an excuse so I can snap at him. Or he is saying, “Then I have ADHD as well.” Yeah, maybe but it’s somehow downgrading what I am dealing with.

I tried to explain it like that: “Imagine you are driving a car and that car is headed towards a tree, you know you need to steer around it or brake – but your car has no brake and the steering wheel is stuck. You are going to hit that tree, no matter what. And you can watch yourself doing so, fully aware. That’s how my brain works in some situations.”

And then add thyroid issues and menopause to that and bang…

Exercising helps, I just need to kick myself to get started.