Reply To: hyperfocus


Hyperfocus can vary, and it’s not always on the same things. You might hyperfocus on video games one day and then struggle to stay engaged another. Hyperfocus is usually triggered by something that is interesting, new, challenging, or urgent. We can really engage with something and lose track of time or even other responsibilities.

Dr. Hallowell says that people with ADHD don’t have an Attention Deficit but rather an Attention Difference. We can’t control our attention when we want or need to, so we struggle to hyperfocus when we need to and we get distracted and confused when we can’t afford to.

If you note yourself getting hyperfocused, that’s okay. Just be mindful of when it happens and try to learn from those times. If you have trouble focusing in general, talk about that with your providers and utilize some tools that you can learn to help with that. Make sure to check out the “HowToADHD” Youtube channel for some good useful tips.

What you’re describing is normal, so don’t feel out of place. 🙂