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I feel your pain Honey18. I also have a large collection of notebooks, most of them only partially filled up with unintelligible scribbles. Most recently, I tried a Bullet Journal because I liked the concept, but it just doesn’t work for me. I gave it a good try for a while but I couldn’t get it to work with my job and lifestyle.

I think the first thing you need to do is map out your life. In other words — what type of things do you need to track. If it’s meetings or other pre-planned events that have a definite start time a phone calendar works well. I just set multiple alarms for each event. If it’s to-do’s and tasks, well –sorry. I got nothing. The only thing I can suggest is that, when it comes to cleaning, it’s all about patience. If you just ignore it long enough it never gets worse. 😉 Kidding or course, but it’s a challenge that I also haven’t found a good solution for yet.

Tasks, particularly self imposed tasks are a tougher thing to figure out because it isn’t just as easy as knowing what to do. You have to want to do it too. If you’re anything like me, you’ve got a tornado in your head, and every task you need to do feels like time stolen from something else that feels equally or even more important. As a result, I never get satisfaction from completing something because I felt like I didn’t do the other thing.

I also find that my ability to DO the task isn’t the problem. Starting it is. I have found some success in breaking down tasks into very small components. Need to paint a room? Don’t define the task as painting the room. Make the task choosing the color. Then make the next task buying the paint, etc. If you can break it down into very minor but easily doable tasks (I call it clearing the runway), you can sometimes get the motivation to continue on. Again, for the reminder of tasks I use my phone and an app called Todoist which I pay a subscription for. That being said, I still have home tasks to do that I’ve been ignoring for months. I’d like to say it doesn’t bother me but I just can’t get the damned motivation to do it, especially when Netflix keeps adding new shows. I blame them.