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Hi klb17,
Having ADD is like living in a world that enjoys classical music and you want to play rock and roll! They tell you to stop that because they like classical. So I play classical rock and roll!
You just have to find the “music” that you want to play. Then use the passion that ADD gives you to succeed. Having poor self esteem is tough and it keeps you from enjoying life many times. I have found a book on assertiveness training that helped me get rid of my self esteem and depression. It is called “ Christian caregiving” by Kenneth Hauck. I think you could acquire the same tools from any book on assertiveness, but what I did after learning the skills is use them on myself! That voice in your head that runs you down tells you about all your mistakes , just tell it that it is not allowed to treat you like anymore. It might take some time but just use the tools and you will find yourself admiring who you are and what you can do (mistakes are takes that missed the first time)!
You are loved by God, why do you need a second opinion! Bob