Reply To: Battle for getting proper treatment


Hey all,

Mixed bag for the last couple of weeks.
Because I was insisting on what his preferred treatment parameters (via email) before I would set up an appointment, I was offered a phone call to discuss everything to see if we were a good fit.

On the call, I asked the right questions, such as, “How do you work out the appropriate dose for adults?” He nailed it the first time. I asked other questions such as monitoring, dose adjustments, etc and it all sounded good. I needed to work out the insurance, but it looked like a good match, except that there probably won’t be CBT involved, but I’m pretty sure I can locate someone in that regard elsewhere.

It’s strange, going to large organizations like Kaiser Permanente or UW Medicine or a community clinic and you can’t get anywhere. Seriously, UW Medicine doesn’t treat adult ADHD, they clutch at adolescent therapy for dear life. What is that? They’re a university! It doesn’t make any rational sense.