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I have been searching for support groups and have come accross this one.

I have read your post and it is exactly the same from when I met my partner and I can totally understand where you steps coming from.

I can only describe him as extremely full on, telling me he loved me within the first few weeks and literally asking me ‘will you be my girlfriend’ after dating me for 3 weeks.

We have now been together for a year and I’m struggling alot with arguments. He never understands anything from my point of view and has outbursts of anger and frustration and tells me I’m not affection enough, dont have sex enough. Then the next day everything is fine? He has never been in a a relationship before apart from me and hes nearly 30 years old.

I dont know how to cope with his up and down behaviour anymore and its tearing out relationship apart.

What do I do?

Please just kind comments because its causing me to get very upset every day. He thinks he had his adhd under control but he clearly doesn’t. He wont go on medication either.

I love him very much but I’m getting emotionally tortured when he flips and cant control his emotions.

Someone please help