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Firstly thank you for the replies they are thoughtful, without presumption and most of all they are better advice than I had from any book or therapist. On the first one about writing. You are right my written communication is way better than when i talk. Talking and communicating is what gets me into all kinds of trouble. Ironically and not untypical I communicate for living but that’s a different form of communication. UNfortunately my wife understandably wants a connection and she doesnt really want to read my thoughts she wants to see it in me, feel it in me and make that connection. But thank you all the same its very kind to suggest

Robby joe you are exactly right and I can totally relate to your situation. I have the same situation with the meds (which i think need tweaking) and the inability to do the other things. Diet I am ok on just about, but lists and exercise I need to work harder to stay on top of things. Let me digest your note some more and if I may I will come back with some questions about how you regained your wife’s belief and trust in you. That is what I need to do. I realise that the way you do that is through consistency and honesty about what you can and cannot do. One of the major challenges for me is being able in the moment to have empathy for her situation and understand what she is feeling and needs. I generally get it later but so often I am caught like a rabbit in headlights and just expose my lack of understanding which then translates to her feeling unloved and uncared for.

Let me read the note again some more and thank you so much