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Lol Alexia – you’re right, it’s wonderful to have a group where forgetting, losing, losing, forgetting…is the norm 😍. I use the self deprecating humour too….all the time…always have!

Funnily enough, since my fairly recent diagnosis & medication I’m noticing my classic ADD symptoms more and more. It’s almost like I’ve relaxed enough to allow myself to be vague, ditzy, silly and all the rest, and I have to confess I enjoy that at times – something to do with feeling more authentic rather than blindly pretending & faking ‘life’ All The Time. (Felt quite teary writing that ….. which surprised me 😢).

I do much better with written instructions too. Replying to specific posts here had me confused but Reply does end up with the right person (well, so far anyway….I think..).

Have a good weekend.