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Hi herkimer,

You raise a good point, and I have been wondering about this, too. I have tried telling a few people how I feel – noting that I don’t have a formal diagnosis and still unsure where I would go – but I get mainly the ‘everyone feels like that’, ‘it’s just stress’, ‘you’ve always felt unorganised’ etc. but I can’t get anyone to understand that this year it has gone next level.

Having someone who ‘gets it’ to talk to would be a huge relief.

One thing I must say is that my partner has been really good about it. I have tried explaining it to him and I’m not sure if he completely gets it – and, to be fair, how do we really understand something we don’t have experience of? – but he is not critical of the mess and I know that’s hard because he works long, hard hours and I am not working – long story – and he must come home and wonder what the hell I have been doing all day.

Last night on the way back from my daughter’s gymnastics, I had to stop at the supermarket to get lunches for tomorrow – I had forgotten all about it – and had to contact the tax office and have my partner do the same to get extensions on our tax returns as I have been putting them off, of course, and the deadline is today. The worry and the stress that it causes is ridiculous.

I struggle with being ‘older’, too, but that’s the reality and it’s better than the alternative!