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Hi all. So nice to connect, if I may be so bold, with an older community of ADHD’ers. Diagnosed at 54, just a year ago, but looking back, I must have always known at least to some degree. Still heavy stuff to swallow. What’s really nice is to no longer feel so isolated. I do find myself envying others with “normal” brains, but I also know we all have our strengths and our challenges, and our flat out inabilities (as well as our awesome capabilities).

I only started diving into my own awakened awareness of this “gift” of ADHD when looking into what was going on with my son, as it was quite evident that his focus challenges were not due to a lack of his own desire. The more I “read”, the more I was able to put the puzzle together (and I say “read” because I turn most articles I want to read into audio files as I find my comprehension is much better when listening rather than reading, which I’ve always been remarkably and embarrassingly slow at doing).

In something I “read”, a specialist suggested telling few people about having ADHD because to most it will just sound like an excuse, and it’s very likely that judgement will follow. I think there’s a lot of truth to this, but I’m curious if you have an opinion on this. Not that I plan to print a shirt to announce that I have ADHD, but I do wonder if sharing with friends is unwise.

BTW, Russell, I fully agree that meditation and yoga are a huge help in the challenges we face, regardless of how different those specific challenges may be. Not that it helps me find my keys, but it may help me remember to always put them in their “one” place.