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Thanks Jlynn. Appreciate the kind words.

Over the last year, it became fairly evident that a lot of his behaviors were rooted in anxiety rather than ADHD. He has ADHD symptoms as well, but seems like anxiety is really what cripples his ability to access the skills he needs to stay calm. So, in short, yes….his Dx was updated to add anxiety. In fact, since we stopped taking the Prozac, I feel that more and more of those types of behaviors are returning. Worried about not being able to get the bus on time; worried about getting his long sleeve shirts on, worried about me cutting him when we clip nails, etc. Stuff he was pretty laid back about before.

We have an appointment set up for a second opinion, and hoping we might get a different perspective. My wife and I wondered also about combining meds to see if that might help. His genetic testing does also say that he metabolized prozac very quickly, but I don’t know if that means a higher dose is needed. His PNP had this information but was resistant to go above 10mg for some reason. All we could do was trust that she knew better.

We’ve also been trying some specific neurologically inspired chiropractic treatments, but I didn’t want to hijack my own thread and go off topic.

So sorry your son wasn’t able to get any use out of the Prozac. I hope that you’re on the right path to healing now.