Reply To: Day Treatment


I just wanted to offer an update on this after 4 months.
We have had some limited success with the day treatment program. Some positive behavior changes have emerged, along with some different techniques to work through the big emotional periods. On the flip side, he has learned “new” behaviors and has shown some resistance to working with some of the therapists.

It does look like he’ll be there for the full year, and possibly until next fall.

One of the downsides to this program is that kids will “graduate” as they have reached their milestones for achievement, and new kids come into the program. This is very hard for our son as he does seem to develop friendships with the kiddos, even if some of them choose not to play with him due to his dysregulated state.

I think we have had so many other factors playing into his treatment, that it’s hard to know where he would be without day treatment. He’s taking medication (clonidine), but I’m doubtful that is helping. In fact, we switched from Prozac about 2 months ago since the prozac seemed to make him more hyper (though how can you tell really?), and after a few weeks, his irritability and defiance seemed to increase.

They are taking a far more supportive approach with him at DT, where they are treating him more like the emotional capacity of a 2 year old instead of a 4 year old, and it seems to be working. They have stated that this is common in DT programs for pre-schoolers, and the hope is over time, their emotional skills catch up to the cognitive skills.

Still waiting and working and hoping….