Reply To: It started with phentermine


Reading these posts, it’s “aha moment” after “aha moment”. I started phentermine for weight loss many years ago and it really lifted my mental focus and productivity, however, it did impact my sleep too much. At that time I hadn’t considered that I may have ADHD. Looking back, I can now see the connection. I have never been an easy sleeper but dexamphetamine has not had the negative impact that phentermine did.

I was officially diagnosed with ADHD a year ago, at 38, after personal challenges lead me to CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy) and I accepted that my own beliefs were holding me back from accepting my ADD reality and that medication is beneficial. Did someone say ‘Stigma’ :/

I am so grateful for the community sharing these experiences. It is helping me reduce the self-critic inside. People around me see an intelligent, outwardly social person and they have difficulty understanding or believing the complexity I face.

It really is a journey though and the ‘life hack workarounds’ take a lot of effort, but at least I understand why I get drained now. I 100% agree that the smoothest way forward is flowing with the tide of interest and trying to buffer from the impact of the sink-holes.