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I just wanted to chime in here. I am 34 years old. I have been in Texas most of my life. I was diagnosed by a psychiatrist when I was child as having ADHD. During which I was prescribed Ritalin for. I eventually finished grade-school, and went off for my undergrad. At which I decided I didn’t need the Ritalin, and I stopped taking it. Realistically it was more like I couldn’t afford it really due to circumstances. Fast forward 8 years, I no longer have those records, both my parents have died so the people who I would ask for that Drs information are no longer alive. I am 25 at this time, and I decide that I need to be put back on the medication. In 2011, I present at a local clinic describing the situation, the MD Family Physician gives me a written test, which I barely finished, I think. And I left that day with a trail period of Strattera. Turns out that was a bust, and sent me on some pretty wild and scary thoughts. We tapered off of that onto Adderall. Which I was prescribed for about 2 years, until which I was laid off from my job and lost my insurance coverage. At the time the clinic and Physician I was getting the Adderall from was fully aware that I was self-medicating with weed/pot/marijuana — shocker right?. It literally slows my mind down enough to stop and focus on things. The Physician at the time told me this is normal, he heard it all the time.

I am 34 now, its 2019, I am ready to get back on the medication and stick with it for a while as I have a new job, and learning new policies and procedures. I could really use the help focusing. I presented at another branch in the same Local Health Clinic System here as I was previously seen at in 2011. Apparently during this time, the records keeping has been updated/changed and at the time in 2011, my records were paper only. At any rate; I was totally honest with them about my smoking/self medicating with marijuana. I was told that regardless I would need to choose, that I can’t be on any illegal substances while on this controlled medication. I would have to sign a Controlled Substance Agreement, and consent to a urinalysis 10 panel oxy drug screen. I asked why, she said it was to see if I’m taking any other controlled substances, and to see if I’m on anything illegal. She said she would overlook the THC showing up on this test; but that in the future I would have to test clean, but positive for amphetamine that I’m being prescribed.
I feel violated and mistrusted. I know for a fact I will pop dirty, and continue to pop dirty in the future. I am not looking forward to having to feel ashamed for seeking help to have a better quality of life. The irony of ironies is that in this contract, it specifically calls out drinking alcohol as being allowed and marijuana not being allowed. Here is yet another individual in need who will more than likely be refused his prescription because of a plant. I literally have no desire to step foot back into that place.

Oh and also the 10 panel screen test they had me take. I can find that test on Amazon for a pack of 10, for 40 dollars. I am not certain that I will have to pay for the test yet, but I wouldn’t be surprised that my insurance will decide they are not covering it.

I thought I was alone, but then I found this forum/thread. Thank you.