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Hi Tikay

Sorry to take so long to reply – hopeless.

Firstly, I’ll tell you about the Brisbane Group I found – else I’ll forget, won’t I?

Brisbane ADHD Meetup Group
meets monthly
at Little Big House,
18 Southpoint
271 Grey Street South Brisbane.
Next Meeting: Sun November 24th at 2pm

I found a contact person – info is a year or so old, so might not be current.
Megan Tognella 0426 865 323
I think she’s the one who started the meetup group.

It’s so good to hear that you found someone to translate your diagnoses.
When you’ve seen the psychiatrist at the Brendale clinic, could you please tell me what they’re like? I really need some resources for my son in Brisbane.

That’s funny about your daughter-in-law realising she might have ADHD, when you had worked it out years ago 😅. Is she going to do anything about it?

I remember the stress of big shopping centres noise, lights, crowds etc 😱. We’ve been on Kangaroo Island for almost 3 years with no shopping centres, traffic, noise etc. There is not even one set of traffic lights! In December we’re moving back to Penrith/Sydney so I’m expecting to be overwhelmed.

My med’s are out of my system by bedtime. I take them at 7am & 12 noon. My doc said not to take them after 3pm. I have some issues with insomnia and may need sleeping meds. I’ve just started taking magnesium before bed, which I’ve heard can help.

I’ve been a bit up and down. It’s an unpleasant shock now to have a bad day, I always decide that the meds have totally stopped working.
Overall really good – I could use a bit more energy of course. Packing boxes for moving at the moment.

Penny x