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Hi again Alexia

lol I wonder if anyone else’s has gone to Spam.

After starting to write this link with Huge Enthusiasm and genuinely wanting & needing contact with other ADHD folk, I dropped into a state of ‘Oh not now, soon….sometime…..I Must…etc” and have rarely been back. Thanks for reminding me.

In terms of family and friends I’ve had two great responses – the rest kind of nod and smile, and I’ve only told one of my 3 siblings.

My 25yo grandson had just been diagnosed when I last saw him. We had the best rave about adhd – symptoms (we’re very different there), our experiences and also the real highlights like quick thinking, troubleshooting, lateral thinking, variety of interests – and more.
He’s the first person with ADHD I’ve had a proper talk and connection with. I have a good friend with undiagnosed hyperactive ADHD and she’s great but most of our symptoms and experiences are quite different.

My dearest and oldest friend was just so very happy for me. She’s witnessed to my struggles to find answers for over 30 years – and it finally happened.

How are you doing now with family and friends responses to ADHD? I hope the path’s a little easier.

Thanks so much for keeping in touch.

Cheers, Penny x