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Hi Bae
Sorry, you all are having a hard time. Something I learned quite late in life is to use todo lists. It helps at work and at home. I read that a lot of us with ADHD struggle in our teenage years, not because of hormones but because we are then forced to be more self-sufficient. Whereas in grade school we had our parents help. I never learned about todo lists until I was 36 years old.

Before that, I used todo lists for groceries. I never knew they could be helpful in terms of organizing my life, remembering and getting things done. I’m not always perfect with my lists. And I have a long way to go in terms of accepting myself with ADHD. It’s good that he is doing therapy and taking his meds. Time since my diagnosis 4 years ago has dulled some of the pain of feeling like I ‘could’ve been better’ or ‘do I really have ADHD’.

The lists help a lot. But I do think there is something that I’m lacking when it comes to studying.