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Trying to fit in

I hate that you’ve had to struggle so long. Bullying is not right. Bullying is not normal. Normal? Don’t even try to be (normal) if it means being mean to others. What is normal? Everyone is different. You are a beautiful person that just needs more self confidence like I do. I feel I don’t fit in either. I’m on a campaign to find nearby adhd’rs to console and have great conversations with but no luck yet. Are you taking medication. I haven’t yet found the perfect meds but it helps. I am a lot older and still feel lonely. I no longer try to fit in. I am me. You are you. You’re a beautiful individual. In working situations they always need someone to talk about or ostracize. You are taking all the pain but saving another person from that pain. I volunteer at an animal rescue. I get a lot of love from my animals. I fit in with the cats and dogs (not necessarily with the volunteers). It’s such a comfort. I used to volunteer at a food bank and felt so comfortable there. I guess you need to try to find something that makes you feel needed. In the meantime you shouldn’t try to fit in with bullies. You are better. This is a simple song but it is about adhders and has beautiful words.