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Just wanted to add some of my experiences so far with recent ADD diagnosis at age 41. I went to my doctor with concerns about depression. I was feeling so overwhelmed and just couldn’t handle things anymore. I was prescribed an anti depressant and anti anxiety meds. This did not help in fact making my depression worse. I was referred to a psychiatrist and she said I had ADD. I am now on Adderall which has helped some and also CBT therapy. I continue to struggle with low mood, self blame and a lot of guilt for my downfalls of not being able to get my crap together. I also have some hormonal issues but the doctor won’t address it. I thought I was going through menopause be he just laughed at me. My cycles have been really heavy and getting worse the last year. Despite being an avid runner anywhere from 10-16miles daily the periods get heavier not going away like most females when they exercise a lot. I don’t know how this effects ADD and mood but I think it must have an impact. When nursing my four kids my mood was good although I have always had trouble with organizing and doing what mothers are suppose to do. I can’t cook and have caught the microwave on fire a few times. My kids mostly fend for themselves in the kitchen. Anyways this is my experience so far and I do wonder how hormones effect all this.