Reply To: ADHD in business


Hi Jesudota

I have few successful businesses. As an entrepreneur, I think my secret is, I can see what others can’t see. I see opportunities everywhere and I am just going for it. without thinking what can go wrong etc. (which is wrong) and only but only focusing for my dream and success until my dream becomes reality.
My biggest problem was, I use to loose my focus and interest after that. That’s it I’m done. Neext… New ideas… inventions… New dreams… 1000s

I had to bankrupt few times to learn, but eventually found solutions and all good know. I am sticking what I am good at (Creativity, finding opportunities etc.) and passIng everything else to my stuff or experts.

Recently one of my friend asked me why are you working so much… You don’t needed anymore … I never thought about how much I was making until that day. And realized that it’s not the money it’s the enjoyment of achieving something.
For me I never worked in my life. I enjoy it and I see it as a hobby. Maybe this is my secret.