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Stella1013, thank you for your reply! I am sincerely sorry to hear you had cancer and thrilled to hear you conquered it!

I’m glad you found this forum! I’ve found this website to be informative about menopause and depression with ADHD. It’s reassuring knowing there are so many out there who share the same struggles too.

I understand feeling isolated! My parents don’t have an interest in learning about ADHD which is disappointing, especially since I suspect they both have it. I also told a friend of almost 30 years and she said, “YOU have it?” I could’ve taken it as a compliment because maybe I hid it well despite not knowing I had it. But then she said, “Everyone has ADD!” among other things, as if to minimize it. Her comments made me angry. I wish I would have said, “That’s what I thought before I educated myself about it.” ADHD is nothing to be ashamed of but apathy and ignorant comments aren’t helpful or encouraging. I’ve realized self-preservation is important and will be more cautious about the people I confide in.

I’ve also realized better self-care such as healthier food choices, plenty of sleep, and more exercise are must-do’s. I’m not always disciplined with these things and working on them.

Were you recently diagnosed with ADHD? Do your family and friends know about it, depression, and menopause or have you chosen not to discuss them? Do you think Effexor is helping?