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Hey I related completely to what you said about how your life has been , my morals and my actions are completely different and I feel guilt and shame all the time….I am an addict also and have been addicted to alcohol cocaine/amphetamines for years but have managed to get some respite in recovery for the last 2 years and take my prescribed concerta xl which is slow release methylphenidate daily which really helps me with my adhd symptoms but I still struggle with my brain racing and with relationships because i cant commit to anyone coz i get bored of people so easily…for a short time I’m completely obsessed with them then it wears off and i want someone new which is painful to them and me and frustrating coz all i want to do is settle down and be content with someone I’m also 36 and have 2 kids and currently in an on off relationship with a man who is pushing me for a commitment i think i love him but I’m too scared to go for it coz i know I’m bored of him even tho I love him and dont want him to be with anyone else but I’m scared I’m going to cheat coz I need that thrill of being with someone new, please help !