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Hi Pennyshore,

not too bad. I am more aware of my ADHD at the moment and can pinpoint and relate to a lot of things.

We (my partner and I) went to a shopping center recently and after a short time I was overwhelmed – too much noise, too many people, too much going on and I pointed that out to my partner. He responded that it is annoying him as well. Sigh. I told him that is not helping… since he is constantly saying “oh, then I might have ADHD as well”. No, don’t think so.
He did an online test and he barely hit the 50% mark…

I had no luck in finding a group yet. And since I am not on Facebook…
I found a translator who would be able to translate my diagnoses into English. Just need to go ahead.
I also might have found a psychiatrist – there is a clinic in Brendale and they have a couple of psychiatrists who specialise in ADHD.

Funny thing – my daughter-in-law just realised she might have ADHD as well. I could have told her 8 years ago… lol.

Oh – are your meds still working when you go to sleep?
When I told my problems with going to sleep to my doctor in Germany he made sure my meds were still working when going to bed. That helped. My pills usually lasted for 6 hours, so I started at 6 am, then noon and then 6 pm.