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Thank you AutumnDraidean.

I can really understand that you choose not to suggest things anymore, it also smart that you do things regardless of whether the person is with you or not. I think I should run your strategy, to stop proposing things. Because I know deep down that if a friend wants to join, then it doesn’t drag on it for as long as forever. Being quiet is probably the new no. I have never heard of rejection sensitive dysphoria and am not sure I suffer from that. I do not experience any problems getting a no, but I do, however, experience problems when I get meet with silence. The unknown is my issue. A friend who is repeating being late time and time again I would not tolerated, as the one you described. It may not be because she wants to be mean, but it is still very disrespectful. Does the person manage to do a job? in that case, it just sounds suspicious and lame. Friendship is very tricky. I thought I was asking for quite little really, but there are clearly others who are requesting even less (being silent).