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Hi there,im not sure if anyone will answer but im at breaking point and family and friends have no idea how to help me.. i have adhd and take my medication and do everything in my power to be a good mother and wife, we have 4 children and my husband works extremely long hours running his own business that im not aloud to be involved in. He says he makes alot of money but we are constantly broke! He controls all finances and i have to ask him for money otherwise my card will decline, he says we can afford things and buys them but doesnt factor in groccery money or medication. When ever i comunicate with him it is a massive fight screaming yelling and name calling, i go to bed so upset then the next day he acts like nothing ever happened and i should get over it or else there will be another fight. I am 37 and lived with this situation for 17 years im so lonely and isolated, i have no friends i have no time to myself its like im tied up but when i ask for help he says he cant help me and we cannot afford help. Im sure he has undiagnosed adhd but he refuses to look at himself its always me and everybody else, i bring up separation and he threatens to destroy me if i leave. How do i deal with this situation. Children are 8 and 9 both have adhd one has autism plus a 1 and 2 year old